A Warm Welcome  


If you are interested in having enjoyable, engaging singing or piano lessons then please read on to find out about the lessons I offer. My name is Laura, and I have over 23 years of music teaching experience helping students to reach their full potential on their musical journey and become accomplished singers and pianists. I have performed as a solo singer-pianist at prestigious weddings and events throughout the UK, recorded for the BBC and have worked for the West Sussex Music Service. I teach face to face lessons in Yapton, West Sussex, UK and also offer online tuition to those living in the UK, US, EU and Canada.

Singing Lessons  


Do you want to develop confidence in your own voice? In your lessons we will work on you as an individual with a unique, tailored approach. We will cover breath control, vocal flexibility, extension of vocal range, diction, posture, vocal health and projection/diaphragm control. We will also explore improvisation, phrasing, harmonies, stage presence and song interpretation. Whether you are a complete beginner or an accomplished singer, I'd love to help.

Although exams are not a requirement with our learning, I do believe that having a goal is very beneficial. If you would like to pursue music examinations, I can guide you from the preparatory test to Grade 8 in your choice of any of the following examination boards:

  • Trinity
  • Rock School
  • London College of Music

Lesson Overview  
* 30 min / 1 hr lesson
* Face to face / online
* Comfy environment
* Relaxed atmosphere
* Physical warmup
* Vocal warmup
* Performance skills
* Diaphragm control
* Improvisation
* Phrasing
* Harmonies
* Diction
* Posture
* Projection
* Breath control
* Vocal flexability
* Range extension
* Vocal health
* Stage presence
* Interpretation
* Songs to practise

Piano Lessons  


Whether you are an accomplished piano player or a complete beginner, each lesson will be unique and guided by your speed. Lessons are fun, dynamic and engaging. If you are a young beginner I like to use the Tunes for Ten Fingers and Piano Time book series, and if older then the Piano Time series is still a great starting point unless there is another piano series that you would like to use.

Although exams will not be pushed on you, I do believe that goals can be very beneficial for your learning. If you would like to pursue music examinations, I can guide you from the preparatory test to Grade 8 in ABRSM or Trinity examination boards.

Lesson Overview
* 30 minute or 1 hour lesson
* Face to face or online
* Comfortable environment
* Relaxed and fun atmosphere
* Finger exercises / scales
* A review of practised pieces
* Focus on areas of improvement
* New pieces to practise each the week

Breath Control  


Do you suffer from panic attacks, anxiety or breathing difficulties associated with COVID19?

Most of us unfortunately breathe incorrectly and I can help you develop healthy breathing habits and strategies that if practised can help to reduce discomfort and worry. These lesson can have elements of singing incorporated if wanted.

Lesson Overview
* 30 minute or 1 hour lesson
* Face to face or online
* Comfortable calming space
* Gentle physical movement
* Relaxation of body and mind
* Gentle breathing exercises
* Option of singing a slow song
* Breathing practices each week

Lesson Fees  


Face to Face / Online
April 2021 - April 2022

  • 30 minute lesson: £20 GBP
  • 1 hour lesson: £40 GBP

How to Book
To book, simply contact me with your name, email address and location and I will get in touch to discuss a booking with you. If you have any questions about lessons or payment options, please do not hesitate to ask.


Payments & Cancellations

Face to Face Lessons
These can either be paid in cash or by bank transfer. You can pay as you go or pay for a number of lessons at once, at the standard rate. You will need to be happy to travel to my studio in Yapton in West Sussex, as I am not able to provide home visits.

Online Lessons
I currently only accept payment for online lessons via Paypal. Payment must be received at least an hour in advance of the lesson time, otherwise the lesson will not proceed. Please consult with Paypal to make sure you allow enough time for the funds to transfer. You do not need to have a Paypal account to pay by card.

Lesson Cancellations
24hrs cancellation notice is required, otherwise the lesson fee will not be refunded and the lesson will be lost. You may request to re-schedule the lesson with a minimum of 24hrs notice, however it is not always possible to reschedule every lesson due to my work commitments.

If I miss a lesson, the fee will either be refunded, carried forward or the lesson day will be moved if possible.

"We are so happy to have found Laura. She is a fantastic piano and singing teacher to our 7-year old daughter, who has made huge progress in the last 18 months, even through lockdown where we did lessons online. Laura’s approach is to be incredibly fun and engaging, while being totally serious about music. We really would recommend Laura’s lessons to anyone who wants to love learning and playing music!"

- Alison D

"I am an adult beginner and was very nervous to start with in view of my age (over 60) but Laura quickly put me at my ease. Her piano lessons are a joy as she is always so cheerful. She intuitively understands my personal learning style and goes at just the right pace. She is very thorough and gives good advice on practice, breaking down difficult passages into bite-sized chunks. Laura makes music theory easy to understand and happily accommodates my eclectic taste in music."

- Gail N

“Laura is an amazing teacher. She makes each lessons enjoyable, varied and challenging so you can reach your singing goals while still having FUN! The flexibility in the lesson allows you to do what YOU want, while getting expert advice on how to improve and learn how to master your own unique voice”

- Matt S

“Laura is a fantastic piano teacher who has always supported my learning style, whether that’s been playing piano for grades or just as a hobby. She provides useful feedback on my playing and makes lessons lots of fun.”

- Ben L

“Laura has been teaching my daughter singing and piano since she was 5, and 5 years on, Francesca still loves having her lessons every week. Laura's natural talent is a real inspiration for any musician and her enthusiasm and charisma makes learning fun and engaging as well as rewarding, even when learning remotely on Skype.”

- Antonia M

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